Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bound By Honor eBook is free!!!

Yep - for the next two weeks, till 2/28, you can download Bound By Honor (Men of Honor Bk 1) for free!  So if you haven't read about Damon and Tanner yet, now's your chance to get it on Amazon, B&N or Sony!

And then, when you fall in love with Damon and Tanner, there's no waiting for book 2, Bound By Law, and the novella, Ties That Bind :)  And Tomcat's story coming in June!  I'm just finishing up some revisions on Tomcat and Jace (aka Bound By Danger) and I'm really loving the story.  To me it's got a bit of a BBH vibe.


  1. It being free is how I found you as an author, and your series. I quickly finished the first one (and yes, I did fall in love with Damon & Tanner), then rushed to go buy the other two!

    I wasn't sure about reading a BDSM novel (I'd avoided those in the pas), but I loved the way you set it up & introduced it.

    Now I'm eagerly awaiting the next one!!

  2. Hey Rosebee!!! I'm so glad you liked BBH and continued on :) I just finished edits on Tomcat's story - and there's a couple from BBH that gets some air time too!

  3. Just finished reading BBD. It's terrific, and reminds me of BBH as well. BBH being free is how I discovered your series, and I'd been eagerly awaiting Tomcat's, story since BBL. Thanks for this. Hoping there are many more stories in this series, or in whatever you write next.