Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bound By Honor review!

Cynthia from Bitten By Paranormal Romance gave Bound By Honor a 5 star review - an Alpha Howl ;)

Here's a snippet of what she said:

I didn’t want to like these guys, not even a little. They were so tormented. They kept denying themselves love. I just wanted to take Damon and LC by the shoulders, shake them, and yell, “Snap. Out. Of. It.” In the end, I couldn’t help myself, I fell and hard...What a breathtaking love story. Two people who are meant for each other but are afraid……

Without a doubt, these are Men of Honor.

Please read the full review here!

Bound By Honor will be available from Samhain as an eBook on March 1st, as well as a Kindle and Nook book.


  1. This book was amazing! Greta start to a series! Personally cannot wait for the next one (hopefully LC and Styxx) Fantastic work!!! <3

  2. Thanks BK :):) I'm so glad you liked BBH - and yes, next is LC's!